Space Operations as a Service

ATLAS is a US owned, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOB) company

What is ATLAS?

The ATLAS network provides affordable cloud based solutions for space access in the rapidly growing global space market. Our network utilizes both ATLAS owned and cooperative antennas to provide our users S, X, and UHF band coverage and TT&C at a fraction of the cost.

Built around the ATLAS Freedom software platform, our team has developed a proprietary way to cut costs, and efficiently schedule all of our customers. The ATLAS Freedom platform allows us to offer the lowest prices on the market without skimming on quality. We like to call that a win, win situation.

Get started doing what you do best, build your satellite – let us worry about the rest


Who are the Founders?

Sean McDaniel

Sean McDaniel

Chief Executive Officer

Expertise in Space Ground System Development. 15+ Years in Space System Engineering and Program Management. MS Aerospace Engineering, BS Mathematics

Mike Rendine

Mike Rendine

Chief Financial Officer

40+ Years Engineering Program/Financial Management in Space and Missile Defense Industry. Retired USAF COL. Founder of ASAI, ASAT. Former VP at Orbital Sciences. MS Industrial Engineering, BS Mechanical Engineering

Mike Rendine

Mike Carey

Chief Operations Officer

30+ years relevant experience in satellite and space operations. Retired USAF Maj General. Former Space Wing and Test Group Commander. MA National Security and Strategic Studies, Master of Public Administration

Mike Rendine

Brad Bode

Chief Technical Officer

15+ Expertise in Space Ground System, SW Development, Small Satellite ground Architecture Development & Mission Planning Applications, and Cloud Computing. Masters of Computer Science


Space Operations as a Service

S, X, and UHF Band

Our mixed fleet of antennas provides global coverage.
* Ka band in 2017

Polar Constellation Support

S and Ka band (2017) dedicated support. 1GBps fiber network to support large quantity/low latency data requirements.

FEC (Forward Error Correction)

LDPC 1/2, LDPC 7/8, Convolutional (CCSDS, Parallel-8, & IESS), Reed Solomon, (223,255) & (239, 255), TPC 7/8

Pay As You Go

Pay per minute... From bent pipe to real time control. You pick your features and add ons.


Direct PSK Support


Virtual Sat Ops

Through partnerships with quality vendors ATLAS will offer full scope solutions including Sat Ops. Mission planning, operations, and data management available in your browser


We use the same security your bank uses for all of our web based applications. What about your data? We can secure the pipe all the way to delivery to your system if required. Additional physical and data security needs can be discussed on an individual basis.

Customizable Plans

Depending on your needs ATLAS can come up with a plan that works for you. While cost is always a consideration we like to provide the best quality of service.

Freedom Platform

The Freedom Platform allows us to do more for less

Why Freedom Platform? Because customers expect easy access to the data they own. They want to customize via Machine to Machine interfaces to cut costs and save dollars for spending on their Satellites.

What is Freedom?

ATLAS has gone to great lengths to make the complicated simple. From our user interface to our scheduling algorithms we aim to provide a streamline system for accessing your data.

Mobile Ready

Our system is available via your mobile phone. Stay up to date even when you are away from the operations center.

REST Interface

REST is a very simple way of sharing data over HTTP. Our system fully supports REST for all services.

Simple User Interface

A simple to use web based interface allows customers to get started quickly.

Demo Coming Soon!

Smart Scheduling

Our intelligent algorithm for scheduling assets allows us to maximize antenna usage thus reducing costs to our tiered customers.


Where we place our antennas matters

From Polar to Equatorial we are making the best decisions possible to serve the broadest range of customers. We all know that requirements differ across satellite constellations so a balance must be struck to keep costs down and customers happy.

But we have specific needs?
We are happy to entertain dedicated antenna's for any system. Let us do what we do best... integrate antenna networks. We can even consider your specific security requests if required. Isolated hardware modems FIPS, ITAR, and DoD CSM compliance; we will do our best to meet your needs.


What's going on with ATLAS?

ATLAS Freedom Platform Test Successful

ATLAS Space Operations, Inc. kicked off 2016 by successfully reaching another milestone. In early January 2016 ATLAS, in cooperation with NOAA, performed numerous live S-Band downlink operations using a support antenna in Southern California. The effort was in collaboration with our partners at RT Logic.

This first-of-its-kind test validates operational functionality of the ATLAS Freedom Platform, by testing the connection between operational space assets and the ATLAS ground architecture. More importantly ATLAS collected vital system performance metrics. “We focused on quality of service, but also security, latency and reliability,” said CTO Brad Bode. The test utilized cloud-based virtual systems and achieved stellar latency numbers. This was all performed while maintaining 100% encrypted connections. 

“Knowing how quickly we can make customer data accessible is both important for marketing,” Bode said, “but also for setting goals to beat. We aren’t satisfied unless we’re pushing the envelope.”

The ATLAS Freedom Platform allows Machine-to-Machine communications via the REST web service standard. Our customers are able to fully automate their back-end to tie directly into Freedom’s offering – giving customers the total flexibility.  Users are even able to tap Freedom’s core services, such as the automated scheduler or orbital tools. Bode says, “It means we can add in customer specific processing, without any changes to our larger offering”

ATLAS Freedom allows customers to configure, task, and command satellites, while seamlessly providing data dissemination and archiving. Customers will not need to stand up their own servers for the purpose of data warehousing. When customers need reliable, secure, and fast storage they can rely on ATLAS to fill that need, backed by Amazon Web Services.

“Our base system is fully automated. If a customer doesn’t need any tailoring we can beat competitors pricing by large margins,” says CEO Sean McDaniel. Software centric approaches have driven down costs in many industries. Sean says, “We must make ground station access more affordable for the new space industry to take off”.

ATLAS Freedom Platform is ready to pave the way to affordable, reliable space to ground communications.

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