ATLAS Space Operations, Inc. and Omnispace LLC Partner to Form Antenna Network

Published: Sept. 14, 2015
Last Updated: July 31, 2017, 7:31 p.m.

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ATLAS Space Operations, Inc. and Omnispace LLC have joined forces to initiate the establishment of a global commercial satellite command and control network providing 24/7 access through a mobile, web-based interface. The partnership brings access to three of Omnispace’s antenna ground stations to market to commercial, government and military customers.

With the deployment of fleets of small and medium sized spacecraft rapidly growing, the demand for low cost access to data from space at high data rates has grown immensely. “The partnership with Omnispace and ATLAS enables us to begin to meet that demand by providing immediate access to a global network of high data-rate ground stations on an affordable basis,” said Sean McDaniel, ATLAS CEO.


Initial service begins with a network of S & X-Band ground stations located in the United States, Australia and Germany. “Both companies plan on expanding the number of access points to meet market demand by adding to owned and operated facilities and inviting other teleport operators to participate in a unified commercial global satellite command and control network,” said Dr. Joseph Bravman, Omnispace CEO.

“The web based command and control system combined with strategically located points of access, enables current and new LEO and MEO satellite entrants to cost effectively outsource infrastructure and put development funds into fleet deployment,” said Sean McDaniel in a statement. “Customers are able to re-think their plans to own and operate ground infrastructure.”

ATLAS and Omnispace have the experience and capability to accommodate customers using frequency bands from UHF, to Ka-Band ranging from low to high telemetry rates. The goal of the ATLAS ground network is to open up and assure access to space for all users.

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