ATLAS Space Operations Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Traverse City, Michigan — September 22, 2022 — ATLAS Space Operations, the leading Ground Software as a Service™ (GSaaS) provider, announced today that Mike Carey, the firm’s long-time Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, will serve as Chief Operating Officer (COO) effective immediately. The move comes on the heels of a $26M Series B financing round, the addition of T.I. Weintraub as ATLAS’ Chief Growth Officer (CGO), and Corey Geer as ATLAS’ new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

“The space communications industry, ATLAS included, is at an inflection point,” said ATLAS CEO Sean McDaniel, adding, “Something that has been an ATLAS core strength since our inception is now front and center: leveraging software to make the most efficient use possible of space-based assets. Operators face the challenge of maximizing utility and value without sacrificing security or cost, and the solution time and again is software. To stay ahead of the pack, ATLAS has made internal strategic changes that will keep us best positioned to push the boundaries of the ground-side space communications arena. I’ve known Mike long before ATLAS, and I look forward to further growing ATLAS with him and the rest of our extraordinary team.”

ATLAS considers Carey’s transition to COO, the addition of the CGO role, and new CFO critical to the success of their long-term growth plan. After recently winning a Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) award for hybrid space architecture development, the space communications company is leading an industry shift to harness the power of software to deliver features and benefits that cannot be achieved through hardware alone. ATLAS will leverage its new leadership strategy and growing team, which has doubled in size over the last two years, to support its position as a top-performing Ground Software as a Service (GSaaS) provider — a distinction the team draws from Ground Station as a Service.

“Collaborating with the ATLAS team has been a profound professional privilege, and I look forward to elevating our company to the next level in my new capacity,” said new ATLAS COO Mike Carey, adding, “The changes we have undergone at the C-level enable more deliberate and focused leadership across the company. These strategic shifts make our organizational structure more horizontal, facilitating quick feedback, information sharing, and decision making. ATLAS is well prepared for the road ahead, and I am energized by the people and missions ATLAS is attracting.”

About ATLAS Space Operations:
ATLAS Space Operations is the leading provider of Ground Software as a Service™ solutions in the space communications industry. ATLAS has been recognized by the World Teleport Association as one of the three fastest-growing teleport operators in the world for the past two years, and was recognized as the 15th fastest-growing software company in the world in 2020 by Inc. 5000. ATLAS combines the Freedom™ Software Platform and its global antenna network to achieve its mission of connecting humanity through space. To learn more, visit

Contact Information:
Dan Carey
Marketing Director, ATLAS Space Operations
+1 (231) 598-6814 ext 105

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