LEOP and Launch Range Services

It’s no secret that designing and launching any spacecraft is difficult. Then there are the astronomical costs typically associated with getting your asset on orbit. At ATLAS, we’re working to simplify that process, from concept to launch, while controlling costs.

Our team works with you to help ensure everything is squared away before launch day, ensuring your asset is fully integrated into the FreedomSoftware Platform and our network. We also provide real-time communications and data with your spacecraft from launch to on-orbit deployment.

And rather than adhering to traditional launch range locations, ATLAS is proud to work with our customers to explore new, alternative launch ranges – allowing you to explore further.


Through our comprehensive approach, we are able to enhance existing infrastructure, as well as offer stand-alone capability where infrastructure is limited.

Working with rocket and satellite teams to develop communications strategies, ATLAS ensures real time telemetry and data acquisition for detailed analysis. Meaning users launch telemetry is available both real-time or post-event.

rocket launching into space


Take a closer look at the current sites where ATLAS provides launch support below.

Don’t see a site where you were hoping to? ATLAS is always looking for strong partners to grow our network, and we thrive off exploring new, non-traditional launch sites. Contact us today.

Dish Size: 3.7m

Transmit: S-Band Receive: S-Band

Status: Planned

Dish Size: 3.7m

Transmit: UHF, S-Band Receive: UHF, S, X-Band

Status: Active

Dish Size: 3.0m

Transmit: S-Band Receive: S, X-Band

Status: Active

Dish Size: 3.0m

Transmit: S, C-Band Receive: UHF, S, X-Band

Status: Active

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